100% Virgin Deep Curly Human Hair Weave 3 Bundles Deep Wave Hair Extensions 8-28inch

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Bundles de cheveux humains Deep CURLY WEave

À propos des faisceaux de cheveux Deep Wave :

1 : matériau des cheveux : 100 % faisceaux de cheveux humains brésiliens non transformés.

2 : paquet de cheveux : cheveux humains Deep Wave 3 faisceaux dans un paquet.

3 : styles de cheveux : cheveux humains Deep Wave 3 faisceaux.

4 : trame de cheveux : double trame de machine solide, faisceaux de vagues profondes fidèles à la longueur.

5 : poids des cheveux : cheveux ondulés profonds 3 faisceaux, 100 (+/-5) g chaque faisceau.

6 : couleur des cheveux : cheveux humains Deep Wave couleur noire naturelle.

7 : Longueur des cheveux : 20 à 30 pouces de cheveux humains vierges non transformés.

cheveux humains à vague profonde 3 faisceaux

Bundles de cheveux humains à vague profonde

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Milford Greenholt

I Love the hair so much! It came very fast, the sellers communication was really good and they were very good at updating me with my package. The hair is super soft and it was not stiff.

Angelita Howell

Love this hair. Very beautiful and good quality. Very soft, very full hair, real length, looks natural and shiny, I will definitely buy more from this supplier. They were very good, answered my question and contacted me to see if I received the hair.

Levi Bins

I must say this hair is very high quality. This is my 4th purchased in the last 2 years, and I have not been disappointed in any of my purchases. The hair always come quick (less than a week). There's absolutely no funky smell nor shedding with the hair. Would definitely be ordering again!!!

Jaylin Kuhn

This hair is amazing and came in super fast!!! The hair doesnt have a smell and its really full and theres barely any shedding ... will purchase again soon!!

Hassan Smith

The hair is amazing it has a beautiful and soft texture. The natural color blends well with natural hair. It’s true to leignth it’s soft and doesn’t have an odor. Its a great choice only thing is the bundles are a bit small and the ends get a little thin when wet but when it dries it’s good so if you have a bigger head order an extra bundle .