4x4 Lace Closure Water Wave 8-30 pouces Cheveux humains Fermeture humide et ondulée Couleur noire naturelle

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vague d'eau 4x4 Dentelle Fermeture

Taille de dentelle : Fermeture en dentelle de 10,2 x 10,2 cm, peut être fabriquée au milieu ou sur le côté, délié naturel.

Couleur dentelle : Brun moyen, comme la peau

Densité des cheveux : 130 pleine densité, 100% cheveux humains vierges brésiliens

Matériel de dentelle: Dentelle suisse, solide et durable, invisible

Longueur de la fermeture en dentelle : 8 à 30 pouces

Poids de la fermeture en dentelle : 35g-50g/pièce

Cheveux Délié : Fermeture en dentelle pré-épilée avec des cheveux de bébé

Fermeture de cheveux humains Water Wave 4x4 partie libre de fermeture de lacet

Spectacle client Water Wave Human Hair

Customer Reviews

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Hester Miller

This is beautiful, very soft and full. I love the hair, the lashes came as a gift and the wig cap. I am so excited. Thank you so much. I will recommend this seller, shipping was fast. I will be placing more orders for my clients once it pass the bleach and dye testing. However, the hair is a very good quality. Thank you.

Gaylord Carroll

I love it and the texture of the hair beautiful

Nia Stamm

This hair is soo beautiful it came to me before my delivery date which I was super happy about it's so soft there was no bad smell and I will definitely be ordering this hair again

Monte Reichert

I received my hair,it took 7 days to arrive. I haven't installed it yet I'm very pleasantly surprised, the hair as beautiful as the picture. 100% human hair. The hair is smooth and soft and looks natural.

Catherine Frami

I love this hair, the quality is great. The hair is barely shed and the length is just right. I have a lot of compliments on hair. The hair is also soft and the lace melts nicely on my scalp. Absolutely five-star praise I recommend it to you