Everything You Need To Know About Loose Deep Wave Wig

Everything You Need To Know About Loose Deep Wave Wig

For a long time, deep wavy wigs and loose deep wavy wigs have been selling well in the market. The loose deep wavy weave is a new human hairstyle that has recently appeared in the market and became popular soon after its appearance due to its unique texture.

But if you only wear it without taking good care of it, it will affect your overall status. Both curl patterns are similar, so much so that many people are still unsure of the difference between them and which wig to buy.

Today's article will explore the difference between a deep wavy wig and a loose deep wavy wig.

deep Wave vs loose deep Wave

1 What is a deep wave wig?

The deep wave wig is a popular S-shaped water wave wig of the original human hair. It has the same texture as the body or natural wave wig, but the curl is tighter and looks neater. Many women prefer the deep wave wig because it gives our hair a voluminous and thick look.

Benefits of deep wavy wigs

The curls are tight and neat, with no tangles and no shedding.

The deep wave wig has a healthy appearance with deep, full, and thick waves. The accompanying shine makes this wig look incredibly luxurious and regal.

It lasts a long time. Brazilian deep-wavy real hair wigs can be used for about 12 months if well maintained.

Wig density is relatively high.

  • Compared to other types of curly wigs, it is easier to curl. You don't have to buy more bundles to get a dense, voluminous look, which can save you a lot of money.

Face contouring.

  • Because the texture and volume of curls and volume can visually improve the inherent impression of an oversized face or diminish the relative flatness of a face.

More natural.

  • For people who are bald or have a receding hairline, the volume and shape of a deep wave wig can effectively help you avoid this embarrassing situation by making your scalp and hair look more natural and beautiful.deep Wave wigs human hair

2 Loose deep wavy wigs

Relaxed deep-wave wigs are made from 100% virgin human hair without any chemical treatment. It is similar to a deep wave wig but with a more relaxed overall look. It will also be tighter than a body wave wig, so it is a wig that is neither too tight nor too loose.

Many women like this loose deep, wave wig because it looks more natural and comfortable. If you choose this wig, it can give you a stunning hairstyle.

Benefits of loose deep wavy wig

  • The wide loose deep wavy wig looks natural, completely regular from root to tip, full and thick, and soft and smooth, giving a comfortable and natural feeling. The loose deep wavy wig will not tangle and will not fall off. It can be curled, styled, dyeing, perming, etc., and reused.
  • Loose deep wavy wigs are easier to take care of and do not require too complicated care procedures. Taking care of a loose, deep wavy wig like your own hair can last more than a year.
  • The loose deep wavy wig overall gives off a noble shine. You will feel noble and confident without realizing it when you wear it. The loose deep wavy wig has a voluminous look and fluffy puffiness that can modify your face shape to some extent and lighten your facial blemishes due to the fluffy puffiness.
  • Wearing that wig will make you the most conspicuous one in the crowd.loose deep wave wigs

3 Differences and similarities between the two

Both are made of the same quality material.

Loose deep, and loose wavy hair are both 100% real hair. Lace wigs are made of Swiss lace, and these wigs are glue-free. These wigs have a pre-pulled hairline and natural baby hair.

And they are non-shedding, non-tangling, and long-lasting.

Similar cost

  • The price of a loose wave and a deep loose wave is the same for the same lace material, length, and density.

Deep wave wigs and loose deep wave wigs look flashy and gorgeous, but loose deep wave wigs look looser and softer than deep wave hair and are not as tight as deep wave wigs.

Loose deep wavy hair is more voluminous and looks cooler and more breathable. Deep wavy wigs are tighter and thinner than loose deep wavy wigs, which can better define the face and make it look better.

No matter which wig you choose, both types of curly hair are more prone to dryness and require meticulous maintenance to stay in good condition.


4 How to keep a loose deep wave ?

Many people get bored with messy human hair, and over time, they become afraid to take care of their hair. This is because they don't have the right way to take care of their hair. Now we will discuss in detail how to maintain loose deep wavy hair.

Installation maintenance


  • Keep loose deep wavy hair set after installation, and avoid hair contact with water and heat. This will maintain the texture of the hair well.
  • Wash your hair once a week. Smoothly comb your hair with your fingers before washing it to ensure it is tangle-free. Wash your hair with mild water.
  • It is recommended to pre-treat your hair before using shampoo to keep it moist. Gently massage your scalp, and do not treat your hair roughly while washing. Dry your hair with a clean towel, do not wring it out.
  • Absorb the water from your hair with the towel. Then blow dry with natural air and avoid using a hair dryer. Sleep care


  • Sleep care is also important. If sleep care is not done correctly, hair may become dry and messy and change its curl. We recommend tying your hair to one side and using a satin floppy cap to cover your hair while you sleep at night. Be careful not to press your hair directly during the night.13x4_deep_Wave_highlight_wigs_human_hair (4)

5 Summary

As we mentioned above, loose waves and deep wavy curls differ. Loose waves have an "S" shape with big curls, while loose deep waves have fewer curls than loose curls. If you like big wavy real hair wigs, choose loose wavy hair; if you like smaller curly colored real hair wigs, you can choose loose dark wavy hair wigs.

If you don't want to spend too much time taking care of your 100% pure real human hair wigs, you should choose loose wavy hair; in contrast, you can choose loose dark wavy hair.