Processed Vs Unprocessed Human Hair,Which Is Better?

Processed Vs Unprocessed Human Hair,Which Is Better?

Processed Vs Unprocessed Human Hair,Which Is Better?

As we all know, there are all kinds of hair in the market, but different kinds of hair have different values, today, I would like to introduce some tips for you to distinguish unprocessed hair and processed hair.


See from the object, the unprocessed hair looks natural, shiny and bouncy while the processed hair seems a little darker. Cause the differences are not obvious, you can distinguish them by putting two kinds of hair together.



Take a bundle of hair, then use a knife to scrape the hair to see the color of the hair cuticle: If the color of hair cuticle is slightly yellow or white , then that’s unprocessed hair, if the color is black or brown, then that’s processed hair.

3.Distinctions and Influence

The unprocessed hair is 100% virgin human hair from one donor, there is no fiber, no synthetic and chemical free, so it is harmless to health, also, with the cuticle layers intact and all facing in the same direction (as the left picture below), the hair will not tangle easily, At the same time, it can be dyed or bleached even can be flat iron, so it will be easy to restyle your hair as you like.

However, the processed hair is fragile, not full cuticle aligned (as the right picture below), it tangles easily, besides, cause it has been processed with chemical materials, it will be difficult to dye light colors.

Processed Vs Unprocessed Human Hair,Which Is Better

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